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Turning Point; Points of No Return

Title: Turning Point; Points of No Return
Author: flower_ballet
Fandom: Original
Pairing(s): One-sided Itoshi/Kanae and hinted-at past Kanae/Hisae
Rating: PG
Summary: A development in three sentences.
Length: ~ 330 words
Author's Notes: Because I wanted to try the one-sentence style of writing. All headlines are taken from 1word1day, using the Italian tag.


After demachi that first time Kanae had seen herself forced to admit her attraction to Itoshi-san, the feel of the top star’s thumb blocking for direct contact (mouth to mouth) still making her lips feel hot and prickly, her instinctive reaction had been to call Hisae, very well aware that the older woman knew her better than anyone else; had worked the mechanics of her emotions for longer than most were allowed and held Kanae’s heart in her hands in a way no one had been given the privilege of since.


Surely it is just a crush – Kanae assured herself of this time and again as rehearsals flew by in a blur of chemistry escalating and chemicals reacting so even the most experienced actresses in their troupe had congratulated the two of them on their excellent performances which “seem to hold a gist of something beyond acting”; Itoshi-san all smiles and wicked looks out the corner of her eye, Kanae pretending as if nothing was out of the ordinary as she mock-flirted back and turned the entire thing into a boastful show of sparkling energy and fantasy romance that had nothing to do with reality, not at all, never, no.


The curtain rose for the revue and Kanae’s heart had been beating so hard in her chest that she felt convinced she’d faint right then and there, staring down at her numb feet shoved into shoes that were polished and shining in the stray beams of spotlight sneaking into the cover of the wings as she told herself she’d mess it up, told herself she’d end up embarrassing both herself and Itoshi-san after all those awkward evenings of one-on-one rehearsals and too much (or maybe too little) intimacy to bear, but Itoshi-san had put a hand on her shoulder, making everything fall into place with one tiny shove – Kanae stumbling on stage to deliver a choreography more perfectly passionate than any of the moments leading up to it.

Tags: fic, kanako-verse, original, wordcount: 100+
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