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Title: Reunion
Author: flower_ballet
Fandom: Original
Character(s): Mai, Miki, Akane, Sanae and Kazuko
Rating: PG-13 for sexual innuendos
Summary: The Fantastic Five meet for a memoriable photo shoot after ten years of having been in different troupes. A reunion always brings forth old memories and much talking.
Length: ~ 1.120 words
Author's Notes: Dialogue-only. Just a light piece I've been wanting to write for a while. Script format.

Sanae: “Will you please pass me the eyeliner, Miki-kun?”

Miki: “Sure. Don’t make the lines too thin, though – you always did that mistake in TMS, remember?”

Akane: “Yeah, yeah, that’s right! I remember too! Sanae-chan would look like an American movie actress with her eyes all thinly lined up!”

Sanae: “Shut up, Akane-chan, it’s been ten years. I know very well how to do my make-up now.”

Mai: “She wouldn’t be nibante of Yukigumi if she didn’t…”

Kazuko: “Still, when I went to watch Elisabeth, her Franz Joseph did give off an air of… faggot.”

Akane: “Kazuko-chan, to you everything gives off a gay feeling.”

Miki: “Hah, that’s true. You guys remember that time we had those visitors over from China – from the all-female opera in Hong Kong? Kazuko passed around a note with all the poor girls’ names on it, asking us to cross off those we thought were straight.”

Kazuko: “Pft, don’t forget that the note got back to me safely and with only three crossed-out names. It was my field day! Besides, that wasn’t what we were talking about…”

Mai: “No. We were talking about Sanae and her incredibly feminine eyes. With eyes like that, she could have been a top musumeyaku, right?”

Akane: “Nah, she’s too tall – and she was always tripping in the long dresses.”

Sanae: “You’re ganging up on me again! We’ve hardly been together all five of us for the past ten years and in these five minutes since we got here, you’ve managed to go back to being mean teenagers. Not a pretty sight.”

Miki: “Bah, we don’t like killjoys, Sanae-chan.”

Mai: “We taunt because we love you, after all.”

Kazuko: “Or because we’re insanely jealous because you’ll probably make top before any of the rest of us.”

Akane: “Excuse me? I’m the top star musumeyaku of my troupe, you know.”

Sanae: “You always were the most talented of us, Akane-chan.”

Kazuko: “I meant the first to make top of the guys…”

Miki: “I don’t see any guys here, Kazuko-chan.”

Mai: “Neither does Kazuko, Miki-kun – if she did, she wouldn’t hit on us like she always insists on doing…”

Kazuko: “Admit it, you’ve all been considering it at least once.”

Sanae: “Considered what? Sleeping with you?”

Akane: “You’ve kissed me once already, I think that’s quite enough for me.”

Kazuko: “Oi!”

Mai: “I think I’m still traumatized from that first time Kazuko and I practiced stage kissing in TMS. You were suffocating me!”

Miki: “And your hands get sweaty when you’re concentrating…”

Kazuko: “Who’s ganging up on whom now, huh?”

Akane: “As Mai-chan said. We do it out of love.”

Kazuko: “Then show it properly.”

Sanae: “Oh, like what? Like this? You’d like that, wouldn’t you, Kazuko~?”

Kazuko: “Great acting, Sanae-chan. Show a bit of that sexiness on stage and you’ll be top star before the year is out.”

Mai: “Don’t give her ideas, Sanae-chan. She might sneak into your bed while you’re not looking.”

Miki: “Unless something else with legs get in her way. Kazuko isn’t exactly picky.”

Akane: “Ah, that’s not entirely true. She won’t sleep with anything that doesn’t shave its legs.”

Kazuko: “I don’t know about that. I know for a fact that Ayami-sama doesn’t shave anything above her knees and I wouldn’t say no if she ever offered.”

Mai: “She’s twice your age, Kazuko.”

Miki: “Could be your mother.”

Sanae: “Probably is, too – did you ever notice, back in school, that the two of them have the exact same chin and cheek shape?”

Akane: “Now when you mention it…”

Miki: “That’s a bit creepy.”

Mai: “Well, now we know how Kazuko has managed to sneak up the ranks without showcasing any ounce of skill… She’s got her mother safely set in the Board.”

Kazuko: “Can we go back to discussing Sanae-chan’s lacking make-up skills?”

Sanae: “Now, be fair. Poor Kazuko does have some talent.”

Akane: “Also when you’ve stripped away her seduction abilities?”

Sanae: “Indeed.”

Kazuko: “I knew I could rely on you, Sanae-chan. You’ve always been the most fair of us.”

Sanae: “One of us has to have brains enough for the four remaining idiots, yes?”

Mai: “Meanie!”

Miki: “Go snog that pop star boyfriend of yours, will you.”

Akane: “Boys, boys. Behave!”

Kazuko: “Now, tell me about that talent you see in me…”

Miki: “Yeah, I’m curious too. I always figured Kazuko would have to sleep her…”

Mai: “Shut up, Miki-kun!”

Miki: “Ouch.”

Sanae: “There was one thing Kazuko always did understand better than any of us, even if her dancing is a waste of training and her singing isn’t that great…”

Akane: “She’s always been a great actress, I guess.”

Mai: “True. No one can live a role out like her.”

Sanae: “It isn’t that either… even though it’s true.”

Miki: “Just say it already, Sanae-chan. The photo shoot is going to start in ten minutes.”

Kazuko: “Say something nice, please. I have a reputation to uphold.”

Akane: “Aw, Kazuko-san’s precious image is suffering.”

Kazuko: “And you’re a top star. You’ve got it good already, Akane-chan.”

Sanae: “Kazuko. Just shut up. Guys, can’t we all agree that no one understands the desire of our audience better than Kazuko? She knows these women…”

Miki: “Not the men, though…”

Mai: “No, we let Sanae-chan deal with the men…”

Kazuko: “Shut up, both of you. What’re you trying to say, Sanae-chan?”

Sanae: “You know our audience. You know what to give them so they leave the theatre, filled with dreams and romance. I don’t think I’ve seen any other Takarasienne do it as instinctively as you do.”

Akane: “Mmn. I know. I remember being sad when Kazuko and I got into different troupes. It ruined my dream of becoming the musumeyaku to play next to her.”

Mai: “You wanted to be Kazuko’s partner?”

Miki: “I guess I wouldn’t mind partnering with her either.”

Kazuko: “That’s a sudden change of tone.”

Sanae: “But it’s the truth. You always make the best show of the Takarazuka Dream.”

Akane: “Even with the two female leads you’ve played! You did something even in those roles so the women down there… they wanted to be you.”

Miki: “Or just wanted you.”

Kazuko: “I’m sexy like that.”

Mai: “Oh, the infamous humbleness…”

Kazuko: “Hey, Sanae-chan… do you mean it?”

Sanae: “Of course. I don’t lie about stuff like that. I’ve always admired you for that gift.”

Kazuko: “It’s still you who’re going to become top star first.”

Sanae: “Probably, but you’ll be one of those top stars who stays on top for years. I won’t.”

Mai: “You’re being pessimistic now, Sanae-chan. Bad eyeliner doesn’t mean you won’t be a good top star.”

Miki: “Nah. Only that you look kind of gay while being it.”

Sanae: “Gee, thanks.”

Kazuko: “I won’t mind a gay-looking top star… gives me something to look up to.”

Akane: “We all know how much you ogle us as it is, Kazuko-chan.”

Mai: “I know, I know – we should be grateful for your attention since you’re just that sexy.”

Miki: “We should tell Ayami-san as well. I’m sure she’ll be grateful too.”

Kazuko: “Well. Perhaps I do it out of love?”

Sanae: “Makes it all better, of course.”

Mai: “Grow a third leg and I’ll consider it.”

Akane: “Everyone’s ready? It’s time to go.”

Miki: “Sanae-chan, your eyeliner is actually quite good this time around!”

Sanae: “Seriously, you guys...”

Tags: fic, original, wordcount: 1000+
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