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the request slot

I write to live. I live to write. If you read some of my writings and liked it, but it made you wonder "hey, what would she do with this kind of idea?", this is the place to drop a comment and give me the request you'd like me to consider.

However, note that I don't write RPS (real people slash/femslash) and thus won't write about any of the actresses in the Takarazuka Revue. I write original fiction and most of the time at least one of my characters is a performer for the Revue, but they're always children of my own imagination and thus have no real link to real life Takarazuka.

This shouldn't keep you from requestion something, be it a simple word prompt or a more fleshed out idea. If the idea speaks to me and it lies within my abilities, I will try fulfilling your request. So, please, go ahead!

Warning! My knowledge on the Revue is limited and most of the technicalities are from TakaWiki and a few personal observations from musicals and/or scholarly research. Thus my writing may contain errors of misinterpretion or simple ignorance. I ask you to bear with me and tell me in a decent manner if there's anything about my writing that is lacking.

With all of this said. Dozo!

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